Few people are aware that superheroes actually live among us. They may appear to be the most ordinary individuals, blending seamlessly into society. However, unbeknownst to everyone else, they tirelessly perform extraordinary feats every day in pursuit of a noble goal — safeguarding their Motherland and preserving life on Earth. They do not do this for profit or career. It's just in their nature, and they can't help but be themselves.

Unique Proprietary Universe of the Russian Superheroes by
BY Brand and Oleg Roy

The first project of its type and scale with distinct domestic characteristics and a strong patriotic focus

Our mission is to educate Russians through domestic mass cultural products that emphasize the traditional values of our country.

Superheroes are our compatriots, representing inspiring and sometimes heroic professions. They are strong and captivating personalities who inspire admiration and emulation.

Each storyline in the "Russian Superheroes" Universe addresses current topics of importance and significance for individuals and society as a whole.

Russian Superheroes Peresvet and Zarya
Russian Superheroes Yermak, Zarya and Leshy

A genuinely Russian project, based on domestic realities and traditions

Support for national projects for patriotic education of youth

A new look at traditional images of Russian cultural heritage

Unlimited possibilities and prospects in terms of merchandising and monetization

Particular attractiveness and broad prospects of the project within the Russian, European, and Asian markets


Comic and graphic novel series

Animated vertical-horizontal series for teenagers and adults

Full-length animated film for teenagers and adults

Computer games of various genres or a series of games of the same type (potential genres include MMORPG, RPG, strategy, quest)

Other video games for various platforms (smartphones, consoles, VR glasses)

Board games

Offline games, real-life quests, quizzes and contests, flash mob festivals, sports, applied science and tourism initiatives

Merch products depicting the characters and symbols of the project (T-shirts, baseball caps, backpacks, notebooks, pens, school, stationery, and sports supplies, accessories for computers, gadgets, etc.)

Content for teenagers and young adults
Content for children 6-9 years old
Content for children 3-5 years old
Russian Superhero Zarya