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The Russian superhero Peresvet, initially known as Alexander, was born in the 14th century into a boyar family. Since childhood, he felt passionate about military affairs and dreamed of devoting himself to defending the Motherland from numerous enemies. However, Alexander’s whole life was turned upside down by his acquaintance with Sergius of Radonezh. Under the influence of his conversations with the elder, this boyar’s son changed himself and altered his view of the world. And although Sergius did not call for this at all, Alexander went to a monastery and took monastic vows. However, when Dmitry Donskoy began to gather an army to fight the invaders from the Golden Horde, Peresvet was in the forefront of volunteers.

Before the Battle of Kulikovo, Sergius of Radonezh not only blessed Alexander for the battle but also talked with him, explaining that it was a wrong decision to go against one’s destiny. Peresvet’s true calling was not to be a monk but a warrior, and defending his Motherland from enemies was just as pleasing to God as serving in the church.

Having gone out to duel against the warrior Chelubey, who was reputed to be invincible, Peresvet threw off his armor and remained in only monastic clothes, with the image of a cross. It was a sort of military trick, the lack of armor did not allow the enemy to knock Peresvet out of the saddle. He received a mortal wound, but he himself managed to strike a blow that killed Chelubey. He fell from his horse, and Peresvet’s faithful horse carried his owner, who was dead but still in the saddle, to the Russian army. Sergius of Radonezh offered a prayer over the murdered hero, laid his cross on him, and a miracle happened. The prayer brought Peresvet back to life. It took him a long time to recover from his wound, but eventually he came to his senses and returned to duty. And, in memory of this event, an almost invisible scar in the shape of a cross remains on Peresvet’s chest.

Since then, the life of Peresvet has become a series of battles, deaths in battles, and, after some time, miraculous resurrections. Century followed century, war gave way to war, and the superhero Peresvet took up his combat post again and again. He was killed on the Borodino field, and near Plevna, and during the Brusilov breakthrough, and at Stalingrad, and in the mountains of Afghanistan, and in the second Chechen war... But little time would pass, and the valiant defender of the Motherland appeared again in the ranks of the Russian troops, as two peas in a pod similar to the hero of the Battle of Kulikovo.

As a rule, Alexander is resurrected immediately as an adult, although there were several exceptions when he was born as a young man or even a teenager. In each new reincarnation, he does not remember anything about the past, he firmly knows only his name and feels his calling. As a result, he masters all the necessary skills very quickly, since, in fact, he remembers them only. However, he constantly has to learn because life does not stand still, new technologies are constantly emerging, necessary both in military affairs and in peaceful life.

* * *

Alexander Prosvetov, a Russian Special Operations Forces fighter, call sign Peresvet, is an unsurpassed expert when it comes to individual operations. He is currently taking part in a Special Military Operation against a terrorist state in southeastern Europe.

Alexander is a born sniper. He has a unique weapon, a special rifle that shoots a stream of particles. This is a very complex weapon that only Peresvet can handle.

There is a need to track down and destroy an elusive enemy sniper? One needs Peresvet.

Destroying a hidden reconnaissance and sabotage group or a well-guarded detachment of high-ranking military advisers? One needs Peresvet.

Is it necessary to free a group of hostages? Peresvet appears again, covering the poor fellows with a tactical shield and calling fire on himself, leading the prisoners to the location of his troops, unharmed.

And sometimes he raids enemy lines on his super-fast and super-passable bike, bringing death to his enemies.

Often he returns to his base wounded, but with a completed combat mission. And no one knows what secret the fighter, call sign Peresvet, is hiding.

While fighting in Syria, he was once found at a checkpoint in the mountains, where he held the line, alone, for three days. Terrorists attacked the checkpoint, killing all its guards, but Alexander single-handedly drove them out, and then managed to hold that important position, killing several hundred enemies. But what was surprising was that Alexander was not listed in the Ministry of Defense files. He seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. The doctors who treated the wounded soldier discovered that he had persistent retrograde amnesia. Alexander did not even remember his name, and “Alexander Prosvetov” was a pseudonym, just like “Peresvet”. After his injuries, Alexander had to recover for a long time, struggling with his own body, returning it to his former capabilities. But he coped with his weakness, and after many checks, Alexander was taken to serve in the Special Forces, where he managed to take part in the 888 War, in operations in the Central African Republic, Syria, and in the Special Military Operation in Ukraine...

Another secret of Peresvet is his deja vu. Every time he completes a task, he recalls something he cannot remember.

Destroying the elusive enemy sniper — like hunting a Nazi sniper in Stalingrad.

While clearing the biological laboratory, where the most terrible ethnic bacteriological weapons were being prepared — how he went out on the final attack near Osovets, poisoned with mustard gas.

Taking hostages out — how he saved a group of sisters of mercy from Sevastopol, besieged by the British and French.

Making a dashing raid on his combat bike — how he rushed with cavalry lava towards the Tatars near Molodi...

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Russian Superhero Peresvet
Russian Superhero Peresvet
Around 40 years old, Russian Army officer
Superpowers and skills
  • military affairs in all aspects

  • army instructor

  • Russian combat sambo

  • taekwondo

  • fist fight

  • power of light

    • from the simple act of lighting the path in the dark to to light weapons of mass destruction

    • when strongly focused or under the influence of an emotional impulse, Peresvet can emit a light beam that destroys all material things

  • transmission of vital force

  • premonition of danger

Character :

He may seem gloomy, but in reality, he is always extremely collected and serious. Brave, yet without recklessness, he is an excellent tactician — reliable as a rock and just as durable. Though uncommunicative, he proves to be a very good friend.

  • Magic Sword. Capable of piercing any material, this sword is unstoppable, rendering armor useless against it. It transforms into a knife when housed in a heavily worn sheath, but unleashes its full potential as a superweapon only in the hands of Peresvet.
  • Spear of Light. A gift from Yaga, this spear transforms into an electromagnetic stream when used. In its physical form, it resembles a sniper rifle but can take on any other shape when necessary. Like the magic sword, it only functions in the hands of Peresvet.
  • Sun Shield. An invisible energy shield, resembling a drop, offers formidable defense against various weapons. It can manifest visibly but typically exists as a field, currently taking the form of an exotic silver bracelet. The shield only operates when worn on Peresvet's hand.
Artifacts of the Russian Superhero Peresvet Artifacts of the Russian Superhero Peresvet
  • Steppe Eagle Rarog
  • In the modern world, it resembles a drone, reminiscent of a bird of prey.

  • Mighty Horse Grom
  • Shortly before the Battle of Kulikovo, this horse encountered Peresvet and attacked him. Alexander managed to tame the animal, realizing that the horse was testing his future owner. Since then, they have become inseparable. It was Grom who carried the fallen Peresvet from the battlefield. In gratitude, the Sages gave him the ability to reincarnate, similar to Rarog. In each new rebirth, the allies find Alexander and guide him to his sword, spear, and shield. Currently, Grom takes the form of a superbike.
  • Both of these animals serve as amulets for him.
Steppe Eagle of the Russian Superhero Peresvet Mighty Horse of the Russian Superhero Peresvet
Image today:
  • Alexander Sergeevich Prosvetov, an around 40-year old
  • officer in the Russian army

Idea behind image:
  • patriotic education of the young generation
  • military action as a way to resist world evil
  • continuity of military glory
  • self-sacrifice, which even a superhero has to practice
Image of the Russian Superhero Peresvet
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