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Navigation, traveling, survival in any conditions, jack of all trades.


The Russian superhero Ermak, a Cossack Ataman, became known for his historical conquest of Siberia during the reign of Ivan the Terrible.

His remarkable feats earned him a place among the chosen superheroes, bestowed with superpowers and the gift of long life from a mysterious group known as the Ancient Sages.

Initially, Ermak spent his days as a traveler and explorer, later transitioning into the role of a geologist, tirelessly searching for new sources of minerals across Russia. As time passed and most deposits were discovered, Ermak redirected his focus and efforts.

Today, Ermak works at the Ministry of Emergency Situations, where he can fulfill his passion for travel, construction, inventions, and helping others. This role allows him to apply his diverse range of skills and experiences for the greater good.

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Russian Superhero Yermak
Portrait of a Russian Superhero Yermak Portrait of a Russian Superhero Yermak
35-40 years old, works at the Ministry of Emergency Situations as a department head
Superpowers and skills
  • military engineering

  • mechanopathy

  • express construction

  • laser-eye-ruler

  • invention

  • survival skills

Character :

Mostly calm, balanced, and reserved, Ermak can still flare up, and then one should stay away. He may seem rude and ignorant, but this is a deceptive impression. Firstly, the superhero Ermak has a high intelligence, and in terms of solving practical problems, no one equals him. Secondly, he has a refined taste that is completely unexpected for a person of his appearance. He loves art and understands it, listens to good music, and is a connoisseur of classics in literature, cinema, and fine arts. He loves beautiful things, both ancient and modern (for example, luxury cars), and knows a lot about them.

  • Roboarmor with many built-in tools (a real walking multi-tool).
  • Toolbox. Contains many different tools, including some absolutely fantastic ones.
  • Jetpack. With it, one can fly over a considerable distance.
Artifacts of the Russian Superhero Yermak
Image today:
  • Nikolai Timofeevich Ermakov, aged 35-40 years,
  • works at the Ministry of Emergency Situations as a department head

Idea behind image:
  • heroic work of the Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • travel, including under extreme conditions, geographical discoveries, research and development of mineral deposits
  • the latest technologies and scientific and tech progress, successful scientific and technological development of the country
Image of the Russian Superhero Yermak
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