World of the Superheroes Universe

The plot of "Russian Superheroes" unfolds in the relatively near future. In the period not too far ahead from our present day, scientific advancements have continued to progress, achieving significant successes across many domains. However, these advancements have not solved humanity's problems. Rather, they have exacerbated them.

One such problem is the ongoing lack of energy, as an alternative method of production has yet to be discovered. The demand for fuels remains high, and their uneven distribution across the planet continues to be a potential cause for conflict. Instead of fostering friendly relations and seeking mutual understanding and cooperation, humanity has become increasingly entangled in contradictions.

The primary instigators of these constant clashes are often large property owners and the ruling elites of individual countries, whose agendas prioritize their own interests over those of their people.

Подробнее Скрыть
Universe of the Russian Superheroes

Each main character in our franchise has a unique story, filled with interesting events and adventures.

All these stories will serve as the basis for prequels and spin-offs of our project, realized in the form of comics. In addition to the common enemies of all superheroes, each character has personal enemies, one or more. Confronting them is one of the main themes of each spin-off.

Despite the differences in the characters and destinies of the Russian superheroes, they share many common features. Each of them is so extraordinary and has expressed themselves so clearly in their time that they attracted the attention of the Sages and received superpowers (and for some, immortality).

These superheroes have unlimited capabilities, but their fate is not easy. They are forced to keep their abilities secret, severely limiting their contacts with people. They live without close friends, loved ones, family, or children (to avoid deceiving them or experiencing losses). Those with immortality must periodically change their place of residence to avoid arousing unnecessary suspicion.

Russian Superheroes Comics
Russians Superheroes Yaga and Peresvet

All characters are extraordinary and managed to clearly express themselves in their respective times, which caught the attention of the Sages.

Superhero Sign

All of our franchise's central characters bear a superhero sign.

The signs are individual but share the same nature and appearance.

With the help of these signs, the superheroes can recognize each other and sometimes even communicate at a distance.