Since time immemorial, since the youth of mankind, the legend about the Heart of the World or the Heart of the Earth has been preserved. Ancient people considered the Earth to be a living being and were sure that somewhere in its depths, a heart was beating, preserving life on our planet. Through the mysterious arteries of Mother Earth flows her “blood” — vital energy, supplying all continents and countries with life force.

And as long as the heart beats, life continues on this planet.

In ancient times, people perceived the surrounding world and the supernatural as an interconnected whole, deified nature, their ancestors, and contemporaries possessing outstanding abilities.

In many ways, this perception held true, as the wisest individuals of those times possessed and actively utilized special knowledge and skills, which later came to be considered as magic.

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At the forefront of humanity stood the Union of the Sages — an international clan of the intellectual elite, the most highly intelligent, experienced, and knowledgeable individuals from different countries. The Sages surrounded themselves with students and actively imparted their knowledge to them.

For a long time, fear of divine punishment and the desire to adhere to the will of the gods in all matters restrained people from excessive interference in natural processes. However, with the advancement of civilization and technological progress, the harmony between humanity and the outside world began to wane. People not only inflicted increasing harm upon nature but also boldly sought to subjugate it for their own purposes.

In response, the Sages of the entire planet convened once again and concluded that, to prevent the destruction of all living beings, it was necessary to conceal special knowledge from the majority of people. This decision was made to prevent the misuse of such knowledge to the detriment of humanity and nature. The Sages determined that only a select few could be initiated into the secrets of the universe, endowed with superpowers, and master special supernatural skills. Moreover, only the most worthy individuals could become these chosen ones, those who would be guaranteed to utilize their abilities solely for the greater good.

Upon reaching this decision, most of the Sages withdrew from society, yet continued to observe humanity from afar. They carefully safeguarded the Secret Knowledge and, after selecting a worthy individual from among the people and testing them, passed on their experiences and capabilities.

Centuries have passed since then. “The Heart of the Earth” has long been considered simply a beautiful legend. Humanity is increasingly interfering in the world around us, trying to control nature and subjugate it, not noticing that it is destroying it. By quarreling among themselves, people, without knowing it, disrupt the work of the Heart of the Earth.

And this is not the worst thing, as knowledge about the Heart is preserved in the memory of not only those who are on the side of Good. Others also possess part of the Secret Knowledge — those who dream of taking complete control over the work of the Heart and using its vital energy for their own purposes.