Sun Sheng


In his past life, Sun Sheng was a monkey, but an unusual one.

He was born from a magic stone. During his youth, he bravely accepted the challenge of his tribe's other monkeys and passed through a magical waterfall unharmed. Impressed by his courage, the monkeys crowned Sun Sheng as their king.

Seeking immortality and the Secret Knowledge, Sun Sheng embarked on a journey, encountering several Sages and even the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea. The Dragon King bestowed upon him a wish-fulfillment staff adorned with golden hoops, as human weapons seemed inadequate to Sun Sheng's needs.

His life thereafter was filled with adventures and travels, during which Sun Sheng mastered magical skills and applied them successfully in practice.

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Superhero Sun Sheng
30-35 years old
Superpowers and skills
  • contact with the other world

  • control of the elements and forces of nature

  • flight

  • invisibility

  • metamorphosis (transformation into people and animals)

  • creation of doubles - both one's own (from torn hairs) and others'

  • hypnosis

  • regeneration

  • ability to see at a great distance

Not all of the skills have been mastered to automaticity. In the past, each was utilized only once. Therefore, it remains unknown whether these techniques will prove effective again.

Character :

A typical trickster, he relishes causing chaos while simultaneously seeking ways to enhance his own power. He is highly ambitious and courageous, showing respect for worthy opponents. Additionally, he genuinely loves his subjects and cares about them.


He can change his appearance as he pleases but prefers to look like a young man of about thirty, with red hair, fair skin, and slightly oriental eyes.

  • Magical staff. Crafted from iron and braided with gold threads, this staff easily changes size in the hands of its owner. When not in use, Sun Sheng shrinks it down to the size of a pin and wears it in his ear.
Artifacts of the Superhero Sun Sheng
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Image of the Superhero Sun Sheng
Merch with Sun Sheng
Set of double-sided markers
96 colors

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