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Contacts and communication, “public relations”.


The Russian superheroine Vasilisa is the daughter of Yaga and Peresvet. She grew up without her father, assuming that he was dead (well, actually, to some extent, that’s exactly what happened). While Vasilisa was a little girl, Yaga, for the time being, did not reveal to her daughter the truth about either herself or Peresvet, since the girl was too impressionable and vulnerable. As she matured, her vulnerability and subtle mental organization transformed into empathy and telepathic capabilities. Vasilisa learned to understand the feelings, thoughts, and motives of other people as her own.

Unlike most superheroes, Vasilisa inherited her superpowers (including immortality) at birth from her parents. Her childhood was spent in a deep forest, where her mother, Yaga, lived for a long time. However, her craving for human interaction and desire to study humans were stronger than her filial affection. In adolescence, despite her mother’s protests, Vasilisa left home and has since lived among people. Through experimentation and exploration of the world, she found herself at the royal court, on stage, in monasteries, on barricades, and even on pirate ships or in a sultan’s harem. Everywhere she went, her communication skills, excellent taste, and ability to create beauty led to great success.

As time passed, she became tired of adventures. Vasilisa decided to settle down in her own home. Now, she lives in a modern cottage in a modernist style on the banks of the Volga.

Having inherited from her mother the gift of long life and eternal youth, Vasilisa, who was born many years ago, continues to look younger than her real age. Those around her can only wonder how such a young woman can possess so much wisdom, practicality, and expertise.

Only Yaga, Vasilisa’s mother, knows that her daughter almost always wears special lenses, a gift from Yaga. These lenses protect people from the hypnotic gaze of the superheroine. Anyone who looks into her eyes immediately falls madly in love with her, Vasilisa becomes an idol to them, an object of worship. This feature often makes life difficult for Vasilisa herself, so she prefers to hide her eyes.

She has excellent taste in everything, loves art, stylish items, and clothing. She is often seen at high-profile premieres, vernissages, in art galleries, in the front row at auctions, and at shows by leading fashion designers.

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Russian Superhero Vasilisa
26 years old, psychologist and designer
Superpowers and skills
  • foreign intelligence

  • charm and hypnotism

  • ability to reveal the true beauty of the world

  • bio- and neurohacking

  • influence on consciousness

  • creating mirages

  • immersion in alternative realities

  • telepathy

  • knowledge of all languages of the world

Character :

Alisa is characterized by her strong femininity, warmth, attentiveness, and genuine care for others. She effortlessly establishes connections with people and has a knack for charming them into openness. Possessing an exceptional understanding of human psychology, she can discern even the most hidden motives, sometimes uncovering them even before individuals recognize them themselves. While she possesses the ability of telepathy, enabling her to read minds and influence thoughts, she seldom relies on it, preferring to rely on her own knowledge and psychological skills. Despite her capabilities, she refrains from manipulation, considering it unethical and in conflict with her principles.

  • Magic doll, called Marfusha. A gift that Vasilisa received from her mother when she was a child. This doll protected her from all misfortunes, serving as an adviser and assistant in many matters. The doll is capable of performing magical tasks beyond Vasilisa’s own abilities or influencing others to act as needed. Initially, the doll was made of straw, but over time, the straw began to transform into other materials.
  • Note: The theme of the Marfusha doll could form the basis of a separate spin-off, primarily targeted towards girls. Every teenager dreams of such a faithful, reliable friend and ideal adviser, who, moreover, also possesses magical powers. Therefore, this direction for the project is very promising not only in terms of plot but also in terms of merchandising and monetization (including various products for girls, from dolls and games to stationery, souvenirs, clothes, etc.).
  • Kokoshnik. A gift from Koshchei, also received during childhood. It allows the wearer to read the thoughts of any creature, including immaterial and non-biological entities (such as computers and communication channels), and even to mentally penetrate into the past and future. The disadvantage of the kokoshnik is that it can only be used occasionally. Its magical energy does not last long, requiring a significant amount of time to restore.
Artifacts of the Russian Superhero Vasilisa
Image today:
  • Alisa Aleksandrovna Vasilyeva, aged 26
  • Is a highly accomplished individual with dual expertise in psychology and design. Holding a Ph.D. in Psychology, she is recognized as the author of her own psychotherapeutic methodology, focused on art therapy. As a practicing consultant and coach, Vasilisa utilizes her expertise to assist individuals in various aspects of mental well-being. In addition to her psychological pursuits, Vasilisa is also the founder and owner of a world-renowned design company. Her company excels in diverse areas such as clothing, interior design, holography, and automotive design, garnering significant success and demand across the globe

Idea behind image:
  • showcasing the pivotal role of a modern woman as strong, independent, intelligent, and successful
  • highlighting the significance of psychological expertise and interpersonal communication skills
Image of the Russian Superhero Vasilisa
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