Team role

Mobility, speed, instant movement.


Similar to Peresvet's situation, the life of the Russian superhero Konek is a series of reincarnations. However, unlike Alexander, the superhero Konek remembers many of his past rebirths (similar to how ordinary people remember events in their lives) and has the ability to choose his form for the next incarnation. The name "Konek," which means "little horse" in Russian, was acquired three hundred years ago when he was a horse, the faithful companion of one of the Sages. In appreciation for his loyal service and admiring his intelligence and devotion, the Sage granted him intelligence and the ability to reincarnate, thus making him a chosen superhero..

Initially, Konek incarnated in various animals, always strong, fast, and close to humans, akin to the Little Humpbacked Horse from Russia’s folklore. Through interactions with humans, he gradually acquired their inherent traits and eventually incarnated in human form.

The action of the story coincides with Konek's first reincarnation in human form. Born into a poor family of hearing-impaired individuals, he managed to succeed through his talents, eventually gaining admission to a prestigious university. He deeply loves his parents and provides them with assistance whenever possible.

Since childhood, Igor has had a passion for all things related to fast movement. He is an enthusiast of high-speed, dynamic, and extreme sports such as skateboarding, rock climbing, capoeira, and breakdancing. Parkour is his preferred mode of transportation.

The spin-off dedicated to Konek's story depicts how Igor became a youth icon. He creates cloud rap songs and manages several specialized social media channels. Success seemed to come naturally to him. Igor quickly garnered millions of subscribers and gained recognition even internationally, attracting contracts from fashion brands. Unlike many other youth icons, Igor advocates for positive attitudes, patriotism, and healthy lifestyles. Despite receiving threats or lucrative offers to "change his tune," Igor brushes them aside.

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Russian Superhero Konyok
Portrait of a Russian Superhero Konyok Portrait of a Russian Superhero Konyok
Around 20 years old, university student
Superpowers and skills
  • airborne forces

  • signal troops

  • military transportation units

  • instant movement in space

  • phasing through obstacles

  • alteration of body proportions

  • time manipulation, slowing down or speeding up

Character :

Cheerful, light-hearted, somewhat careless, Konek has an excellent sense of humor, never loses heart and is great at cheering others up. A little shy, especially with strangers, it is easier for him to communicate online than in real life. He quickly gets carried away by something and often cools down just as quickly. Shows unexpected resilience when facing ordeals.

  • Created by himself.
  • Levitating skateboard. Serves as a means for fast movement on land, water, snow, swamps and even through the air.
  • Backpack. A sort of legacy from the Little Humpbacked Horse times. The character's eternal companion. Over time, the backpack changed its appearance, but always remained with Konek. It looks small, but in fact it is incredibly roomy, it can accommodate a flying board and everything else you need, like a tent, food and water for several days.
Artifacts of the Russian Superhero Konyok
Image today:
  • Igor Konkov, around 20 years old, university student
  • A fashionista by nature, he prefers a sporty style of clothing and is a true sneakerhead. His long hair is tied in a ponytail. Igor often wears a mask that covers the lower part of his face. He slightly tilts his head and neck forward even while walking, having retained this habit since his first incarnation

Idea behind image:
  • healthy lifestyle
  • sports
  • protecting the young generations from drug propaganda and alien cultural influences
Image of the Russian Superhero Konyok
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Set of double-sided markers
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Konek power bank
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Konek iP charging cable
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