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Responsible for everything concerning nature and environment.


The origin of Leshy, how and when he became a superhero, is a mystery that has yet to be revealed not only by the reader, but also by the character himself. So far, all that is known is that he never dies, but only sometimes falls into a state of suspended animation for a while. It is something like the hibernation of bears. Then he wakes up, as if reborn, stocked up with strength to make the next round of life, to master new knowledge and skills. In the past, he was just a forester, now he is a forest scientist and pathologist, a person who has the necessary body of the most modern scientific knowledge in the field of biology, zoopsychology and zoomedicine, ecology, soil science, geography, geology, all related domains.

Despite his close connection with nature, the Russian superhero Leshy does not shy away from tech innovation, especially, when necessary, in his craft. He is also knowledgeable about survival and travel supplies. Leshy even collaborates with brands that produce sports and travel equipment, consulting them and sometimes acting as the face of their brands.

In addition to professional and related reasons for contact with people, Leshy also considers it his duty to come to the aid of his compatriots in various force majeure situations, such as natural disasters and other emergencies. During the Great Patriotic War and other armed conflicts, he universally demonstrated that he also possessed another remarkable talent, that of a warrior and defender.

Leshy is quite non-human. It is much easier for him to find a common language with animals than with people. Before accepting someone, he takes a long look and checks the person. However, if he becomes attached to someone, then this attachment is very strong and lasts for a long time. There are three such people-superheroes in Leshy’s life: Yaga, her daughter Vasilisa, and his best friend Ermak. Perhaps Konek will become such a person, but not too soon.

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Russian Superhero Leshy
Portrait of a Russian Superhero Leshy Portrait of a Russian Superhero Leshy
Appears to be about 50 years old, forest scientist
Superpowers and skills
  • border guard troops

  • army intelligence

  • disguise

  • instant and error-free determination of coordinates

  • survival in difficult conditions

  • knowledge of flora and fauna

  • ability to communicate with animals and understand them

  • invisibility

  • moving with the speed of wind

  • air flow control

  • hypnosis

Character :

Slow, thorough, phlegmatic a bit. He is short-spoken and unsociable, but very reliable. Always keeps his word. Unusually hardy and patient.


A large, powerful man, above average height, with an athletic build, one of those called “big guys”. Completely gray, he wears a sloppy beard and hairstyle. He dresses technologically and modernly, is well-versed in brands in the hiking clothing industry. Leshy has a special style (practicality, environmentally friendly durable materials, many pockets and carabiners for carrying all sorts of things, etc.). His clothes and equipment are not only comfortable but also modern, incorporating many innovations. He loves things that are useful for hiking and traveling and keeps up with new products and trends.

  • Staff with many functions. It can cause super-accelerated growth of plants or force them to move, even terraform, that is, raise and lower the soil level.
  • Raincoat tent. Masks Leshy himself and his companions.
  • Flask with water from the Source of Life and Death, which Yaga once helped him find. This bittersweet water can awaken superpowers and/or memories.
Artifacts of the Russian Superhero Leshy
  • Wolf, named Seriy (which means Gray in Russian), is very large, larger than ordinary wolves. His eyes are of different colors. Leshy found him when he was a cub and raised him, after which the wolf never left him but remained to live next to his owner. Seriy possesses special abilities; in particular, he can see what other animals, and especially people, do not see.
Image today:
  • Ivan Petrovich Dubov, forest scientist,
  • appears to be about fifty years old

Idea behind image:
  • importance of environmental protection
Image of the Russian Superhero Leshy
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