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The Russian superheroine Zarya is a being of unknown, possibly alien, origin. Her biological nature is combined with a number of inorganic elements, such as the thinnest fiber-optic wire harnesses, instead of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.


This story started many years ago, when Yaga still lived in a forest, hiding from people. Once upon a time, in the summer, having left her hut early in the morning, she found a little girl lying right on the ground in a cocoon made of an unknown metal. Realizing that this was clearly not an ordinary child, Yaga picked up the baby and took her to live with her, passing her off as her own daughter. She named the girl Zarya because she found her at dawn (Zarya means "dawn" in Russian). Yaga also chose this name because the girl was able to emit bright sparks from her eyes, shine, and dazzle like a low-standing sun.

And these were not all the baby’s qualities. She almost did not need food, but only drank clean water, washing it down with vitamins and mineral compounds and preparations: magnesium, zinc, selenium. Completely unconsciously, the girl could retract lightning, move objects at a distance, accurately mesmerize every single event of the past days, and much more. Watching her, Yaga quickly gained confidence that her adopted daughter was a high-tech unique being. Yaga's observations even began to suggest to her that Zarya's appearance was somehow accelerating and intensifying scientific and technological progress in the world..

Typically, parents strive to educate their children and develop their abilities. But with Zarya it was in many ways the opposite. Yaga taught her daughter not so much to show as to restrain and hide her capabilities, as Zarya would have to live in the world of ordinary people. Since the girl had an incredibly high learning ability, she coped with this task.

Yaga did not hide from Zarya that she was not her own daughter. She gave the girl a different last name and told, without any embellishment, how she had found her in the forest. Since then, Zarya has been trying to unravel the mystery of her origin, but has not yet succeeded.

Now Zarya looks like an ordinary eighteen-year-old girl, except for the fact that she is very smart and gifted. She takes interest in the latest technologies and gadgets, but when entering the university at a young age, as she graduated from school as an external student, unexpectedly for everyone, she chose the history department. She explained this to her adoptive mother by saying that history was the only field that she believed would be difficult for her to study on her own. Having become a student, Zarya moved away from Yaga and settled on campus.

If one ignores superpowers, then Zarya is not so different from her peers. She is attracted to the same TV series, animated films, music, and books that all teenagers enjoy. She runs several blogs on social networks, loves to travel, and dresses fashionably.

Zarya leads a healthy lifestyle, is a supporter of the struggle for the environment and “new awareness”, is actively involved in sports, and enjoys martial arts.

Having witnessed her older sister's success in business, Zarya became excited about the idea of opening her own business. And she succeeded in doing so. Her company, “Ozarenie”, carries out various environmental projects (waste recycling, “upcycling” of things, etc.). All profits go exclusively to charity - scholarships for gifted students and grants to young scientists engaged in important research and on the verge of discoveries.

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Russian Superhero Zarya
Portrait of a Russian Superhero Zarya Portrait of a Russian Superhero Zarya
18 years old, university student
Superpowers and skills
  • radio-electronic control systems

  • foreign intelligence

  • phenomenal memory

  • erudition

  • technomancy

    • impact on electronics and the ability to control them (both software and hardware)

    • reading information from gadgets mentally, without having to turn them on

  • cybersport

  • telekinesis

  • ability to predict the future

  • does not need air to breathe

  • Zarya's brain works faster and more efficiently than that of the most outstanding geniuses on earth

Character :

Kind, active, charming, cheerful, mischievous, with a good sense of humor and an exorbitant thirst for knowledge. Zarya is notable for her heightened sense of justice, and since she is very impulsive, the desire for justice sometimes turns out to be to her detriment.

  • Monolens. A gift from Yaga. It looks just like fashionable glasses, but in fact it is a magical thing that allows you to hide the flashes from your eyes, control energy emissions and do some other things, for example, instantly contact Yaga, wherever they both are.
  • Glove-bracelet. Was the only item found in the capsule with Zarya. Placed on the baby's hand, it began to grow with the girl from then on. It also looks like a stylish accessory, but in fact it is a futuristic gadget and helps Zara carry out some of her unique actions.
Artifacts of the Russian Superhero Zarya
Image today:
  • Zarya Solntseva, an 18 year-old
  • university student

Idea behind image:
  • new technologies
  • next-gen energy
  • AI
  • involvement of the young in scientific and technological advancements
  • healthy lifestyle
Image of the Russian Superhero Zarya
Merch with Zarya
Set of double-sided markers
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Zarya wireless charger
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Zarya IP charging cable
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