Universe of the Russian Superheroes

28 May 2024
Meet the summer with Russian Superheroes BY!
On June 1 and 2, the hottest festival of the season will be held in Moscow's Skazka Park (admission is free!)
2 May 2024
Meet the second “Yermak” comic book from the Russian Superheroes Universe!
Friends, we have some great news to share! Our superhero comic series has been expanded with one more thrilling graphic adventure. The second comic is out! Prepare for an epic journey into the remote taiga alongside the legendary Russian superhero, Yermak! The mission is to prevent a supervillain plot!
18 April 2024
Russian Superheroes by the BY Brand & Oleg Roy in Hong Kong!
The Russian Superheroes Universe has come to China to attend the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show, held annually in Hong Kong every spring and autumn.
15 February 2024
Russian Superheroes Universe at the RUSSIA EXPO
The General Producer of the Universe of the Russian Superheroes project, Oleg Roy, as a Board Member of the Coordinating Council of the National Parents Association, signed an agreement with the “Movement of the First” and officially inaugurated the events of the “Year of the Family”.
21 February 2024
Our First Comic Book from the Russian Superheroes Series Is Already on Store Shelves
The first superhero comic, “Zarya”, was released in the Universe of the Russian Superheroes. It opens up a whole line of exciting graphic adventures featuring our main characters.
19 February 2024
Russian Superheroes at the Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital
We decided to continue spreading New Year's spirit and came to wish our warriors all the best!
15 February 2024
Russian Superheroes in the Kremlin
On February 14th, St. Valentine’s Day, a concert of the MUZ-TV channel was held at the State Kremlin Palace, with support from the BY Russian Superheroes brand.
26 February 2024
Russian Superheroes Conquer the 2024 Edition of Ski Track of Russia
The BY brand and the Russian Superheroes Universe project eagerly participate in various sports initiatives, promoting the importance of healthy lifestyles. After all, every superhero understands that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind! Exercise not only benefits the physical shape but also improves your mood. Join the Russian Superheroes at the Ski Track of Russia sports event.
26 February 2024
Russian Superheroes at the World of Childhood Trade Show
"World of Childhood" is widely regarded as one of the most prominent exhibition events in the children's goods industry. Many believe that it offers the ideal platform for visually presenting new concepts and products, as well as an excellent opportunity for networking with colleagues in the segment.
3 March 2024
Russian Superheroes Shine at the Sochi World Youth Festival
The Russian Superheroes, representing the BY Project team, are excited to welcome you at the Festival with three engaging zones.
Superheroes live among us. They look like ordinary people, but every day they perform feats for the great goal of protecting their Motherland and saving life on Earth
Back in ancient times, people perceived the world around them and the supernatural as a single whole, deified nature, their ancestors, as well as their contemporaries with supernatural abilities
The beginning
The story unfolds in the near future.
Science has stepped forward, achieving significant success in many domains. However, this did not solve the problems of humanity, but, on the contrary, aggravated them even more
Universe of Superheroes
The BRICKS superheroes provide a convenient platform to show respect for other cultures and nurture an atmosphere of collaboration