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He is an unconventional leader who sometimes inadvertently assumes the role of an informal leader. His expertise lies in intelligence, information processing and analysis, logic, inference, and research.


The origin of the Russian superhero Koshchey remains a mystery, even to Yaga, who seems to possess knowledge about everyone. Vasilisa, an astute psychologist with a well-developed intuition, discerns that Koshchey's childhood and youth were fraught with challenges. However, even she lacks comprehensive details, as Koshchey guards his past closely. What is known is that he has inhabited the world for at least ten centuries, if not longer. Yaga first encountered the name Koshchey from her Sage mentors during her own studies of the Secret Knowledge. While aware that Koshchey once sided with evil, she remains unaware of the catalyst for his ideological shift or when it occurred.

Yaga and Koshchey share a longstanding and intricate interpersonal dynamic. Their life philosophies often clash, leading to conflicts of varying intensities. Nevertheless, they maintain communication and occasional collaboration due to mutual benefit or shared challenges. Despite his emotionally reserved nature, Koshchey harbors a deep-seated sympathy for Yaga as both an individual and a woman, yet he conceals this sentiment from her and others.

Having known Vasilisa since childhood, Koshchey regards her more favorably than most individuals (i.e., without hostility). Much of Vasilisa's knowledge stems from Koshchey's guidance or suggestions.

As a scientist, Koshchey's research spans various disciplines, transcending established boundaries. He delves into genetics, genetic engineering, cloning, nanotechnology, philosophy, economics, and astrophysics. He displays a keen interest in contemporary phenomena such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, social networks, and AI.

At the onset of the saga, Koshchey lectures on history and archaeology at a university, leveraging his academic position to expedite his pursuit of answers to his inquiries. However, his passion for history extends beyond academia, as he has personally witnessed many historical events.

An eminent authority in antiquities, Koshchey possesses an extensive collection of art and artifacts coveted by collectors worldwide.

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Russian Superhero Koshchei
Professor, university lecturer, world-famous scientist
Superpowers and skills
  • radiochemical defense

  • erudition

  • information processing and analysis

  • physical immortality

  • complete regeneration

  • ability to create living creatures

Character :

Koshchey is a reserved misanthrope, an introvert with bipolar personality traits. Many consider him a sociopath, but this is not entirely true. He is capable of being both absolutely cruel and selflessly noble. Koshchey combines causticity and cynicism with vulnerability and touchiness. He possesses high cognitive activity, a broad outlook, and enormous erudition, with extensive knowledge in completely different fields, from theoretical and mathematical physics to molecular genetics, including those branches of science to which humanity has not yet matured.


He is very charismatic, with a so-called demonic appearance, which many women, especially young ones, find very attractive.

He has a beautiful, low, rich voice and is an excellent storyteller whose speech is captivating.

  • Biomechanical suit. Contains a variety of weapons, not only blades, firearms, and lasers, but also chemical, biological, and even climate weapons (a device capable of causing natural disasters).
  • Koshchei's scythe. A cane with a head in the shape of a snake that absorbs the life force of the one it touches.
  • Koshchei' death. A nanoneedle capable of “reflashing” DNA.
Artifacts of the Russian Superhero Koshchei
Image today:
  • Konstantin Konstantinovich Bessonov, professor, university lecturer, world-famous scientist

Idea behind image:
  • role of science, research activities, and scientific discoveries in modern life
  • importance of preserving our historical memory
  • ambiguity of the world, the impossibility of dividing everything exclusively into “black” and “white,” i.e., "bad" and "good"
Image of the Russian Superhero Koshchei
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