Project serves as a convenient platform for showcasing respectful and friendly attitudes towards cultures beyond Russia. It aims to foster an atmosphere of mutual admiration and cooperation, indirectly promoting the concept of a multipolar world founded on reciprocal acknowledgment, mutual assistance, and jointly beneficial endeavors.
КИТАЙ (Чжунхуа)
ИНДИЯ (Бхарат)


Indra, the guardian of Bharat (known as "the Thunderer"), assumes the role of protector of the Bharat civilization (India) in this project. He takes the form of a young businessman investing in energy as well as a brilliant physicist. He flies on an incredible business jet named "Garuda," which is controlled by AI

Brahma is involved in genetic engineering and environmental programs

Saraswati is the rector of one of the Indian universities (incognito, for sure).


Veretragna, the guardian of Iran and an IRGC warrior, volunteered to help defend Syria. There he met and befriended Peresvet. Like Peresvet and Leshy, he has an animal companion, Simargl, who is capable of turning into reconnaissance or combat drones

Ahura Mazda serves as an imam and clerical judge in one of Iran’s cities

Ahriman, Ahura Mazda’s brother, creator of the Damascus steel. He stands for Evil.

Arab World 

Abdulrahman ibn Abdullah bin Daoud is the guardian of Arabia, an Emir who dreams of transforming the region into a flourishing garden. He enjoys racing various things, from camels to hypersonic aircraft. Although people in the UAE and KSA know that he is a genie, it remains unspoken. He is a faithful Haji, and his main secret lies in his possession of the heavenly horse, Burak

Malik Abdala bin Daoud, Sultan, the father of Abdulrahman and Al-Marid. Al-Marid ibn Abdala bin Daoud, an Emir, is the brother of Abdrasul and son of Malik Abdala. Married to Algul, daughter of the Sultan of the Marids and Ghouls bin Iblis, he possesses supernatural power over flames. After the wedding, he changed his name to Al-Marid; previously, he was known simply as Abdrahim. He is incited by his wife and father-in-law against his father and brother. His dream is to turn the whole world into a desert, resembling the Arabian one

Burak, a were-horse, is a distant relative of Konyok. He dreams of competing with Konyok, and this "competition" takes place in one of the episodes, where both characters must manage to save something quite important.


Shaka son of Shanga, the barim of Africa. Once an ordinary person, he underwent a threefold test and was reborn as the ruler of his native homeland. Currently, he is an environmental activist and the creator of a large national park (reserve). He can command animals and summon African wildlife anywhere on Earth

Sanga, son of Zulu. The mysterious father of Shaka, he is considered to be the god of thunder. His main treasure is the Phoenix bird, which can heal any wound.

Latin America 

Huitztli Pochtli, is a guardian of Latin America and the ruler of Aztlan. He possesses the ability to fly himself, and, throughout his long life, he has been trying to teach this art to people. He created hybrids of bird-people and bat-people (it didn’t turn out very well), then he switched to aircraft construction. Currently, he owns airlines in Mexico, Brazil, and Venezuela

Quetzal Coatl is the ruler of a mysterious underground city called El Dorado by the Europeans. According to rumors, he bred a race of snake-people. Considered an enemy of Huitztli Pochtli, he acts on the side of Evil..